About Me


Hello and welcome! My name is S. L. Wideman and I am an author. Well, that’s my dream. My first book, Iona, came out in December 2014. I plan on publishing a book a year. Maybe more if circumstances allow it in the future. I was born to write. I started my dream of writing at the age of seven when I crayoned my first book. I also tried selling it door-to-door with no luck. Not to be deterred, I continued to write. At the age of nine, I spent my summers at the local YMCA in their Y-Camp program. I was allowed to write little five minute plays, enacted by others, and they were filmed and shown to the other campers. When I was ten or eleven, I wrote a play that was performed by neighborhood children called “Undersea Friends”. It was a truly terrible play and there might still be VHS evidence in someone’s attic.

I continued writing, but not getting anywhere. Then, in 2009, I joined a local group for Nano Wrimo. I managed to finish my first manuscript! Granted, that was Iona and I’m just now publishing it, but at least I finished. Then, tragedy struck and I lost my muse for several years. Finally getting the urge to fully write again in 2013, I worked hard to edit Iona.

I have a list of books for when to write them up to 2019. I also have a list of books (which grows almost daily) that I would like to write. I know I can make this my life. I love writing. It’s been my passion for so long. I have stories waiting to burst forth, and I can’t wait to share them with the world.

I would love to hear from you. You can write me at SWideman2014@gmail.com or visit my other sites.

Tumblr: This is where I’ll post most of my cute stories, Ask the Author questions, Character bios and interviews, and other just plain fun things.

Facebook: This is for quick updates, mostly. I do plan on announcing events, give aways, contests, and such here first. I will also have Facebook only contests and give aways in the future.

This blog will be my advice on writing, how I’m doing on my novels, and anything specifically related to my novels.


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